Wow, I’m nearing the end of my Level 2 course and I’m truly enjoying it; time flies when you’re having fun! This month we had our assessment on boards, which consisted of wiring up different boards with a two-way lighting circuit, ring main and earth bonding. It was a relief to know that I passed, each time I pass it gives me that extra bit of confidence in my decision to joining the electrical trade.
In my day to day I don’t work as an electrician so due to lack of experience, currently, I struggle with the practical a little bit. However, having my teacher Brian and the rest of the team present is really helpful and makes me feel like I can do it. This was a big learning curve for me, and I believe it has helped me become a better student, I loved it.
I chose to approach my learning in a different way to the standard, such as learning the theory then turning that into practical. I found this the easiest way for me to learn. I am now in Unit 203 of Electrical Installations where we look at the sizing of cabling and looking at all of the theory behind what we put into practise. So yes, yet again I find myself in the world of theory!
Everything that I previously have done in my practical work is now starting to make sense, going through the theory has really helped me understand the practical side more. I have another exam in two weeks time to go over the theory. Like I said, everything is starting to make sense now so I am feeling more confident than ever!
As I start to reflect on my experience here and my learning I feel most confident with my learning no rather than at the start, so if you’re at the beginning or considering taking an electrical course there is honestly nothing to worry about your confidence will grow. I also am still loving it as much as I did at the beginning, if not more now that I know more about the industry. Maybe I was a little naive at the start to how much was actually involved. But learning the science and theory behind everything constantly has me hooked.
I know I say I am confident now, I am, however I’m not perfect and still get confused about things. I have my final coming up and I have couple of lessons to catch up on, whoops, but I will get there. I think it will be good I am excited for it; I got a distinction in my maths a science so I am hopeful to do a full sweep and get a distinction in this.

I am excited for a new beginning in January where I will start my level 3 qualification and maybe start working in the trade, this will give me hands on experience which I am looking forward too.

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