‘Just like that we’re in the second month. Did someone say theory?

Yes theory, theory, and more theory of the principles of electrical science to be exact. A daunting thought you may have like me ‘How am I supposed to remember all of this information?’ well the tutors have been great; class revision has been key to me retaining it all. So long as you keep on top of reading all relevant information you should be good. It was a big shock to me when I found out how much theory there really was to be honest, I think because electrical installation is such a hands-on job, theory isn’t the first thing you think of. But understanding the science behind it is one of the main parts of being an electrician. Although a lot of the work has been technical, I have found it interesting to understand the reasoning and safety of what goes on behind all of the practical elements.

Even though I was a little overwhelmed, it didn’t dampen my spirits; this is a self-investment in which I hope to excel. My ultimate goal is to one day acquire gold card status and own my own business. This is an achievable goal and one I will work hard for. I have also decided that I will be completing my Level 3 once I have finished my level 2. I naively thought that by completing my level 2 & 3 I could go out and fly my wings. However, there is a lot more to it than that, I have a lot to learn. It keeps me motivated, thinking about the future. I know all of this hard work will pay off and I will be able to feel accomplished and proud of what I worked for.

With my exam getting closer and closer, I knew I should have made time to study, but in all honesty, I didn’t do as much as I could of. I was so caught up in other commitments with work and home life, that it slipped my mind. I’m not excusing myself here, lots of studying really does help. Going into the exam, I felt nervous, and I knew I should have spent more time going over everything I had learned. Like I said, it was a lot! In the back of my mind, I knew that if I did fail, I could re-take the exam which felt reassuring, but of course I didn’t want it to come to that. I didn’t want to fall behind the rest of the class and have to catch up with them, I knew I needed to pass to able to put all of my effort and concentration into next month’s learning.

Surprisingly, I passed with a distinction, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My best advice to anyone about to take an exam… Don’t overthink the questions; instead, simplify them as much as possible. It doesn’t help to overcomplicating the questions! It was such a good feeling to have passed this class, along with all my peers. I made a vow to myself to revise fully for future exams, it definitely would have eased my nerves going into the exam!

The second month is finished, and I have a lot more theory ahead of me; nonetheless, I am excited to have a more in depth understanding of my course. It is nice to be reflecting on each month reminding me of how far I have come, along with where I am heading.

Feeling encouraged and motivated for a fresh new month of learning and studying … bring on month 3 💪🏽’

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